Providing fit-for-purpose HR Services for small and medium-sized companies

We complement your own team with our experienced HR and People Services as an integral part of your business.

All over Europe.

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Access to prime HR Services, when your company does not have the size to warrant your internal team.

Providias is an international resourcing organisation providing professional people for the challenges companies face when designing and implementing large-scalechange and transformation programmes often with complex integrated IT components.


Providias is born out of our repeated observation that smaller and medium-sized businesses do not have the manpower and internal capability to provide the required HR Services that would help their business.

So, we established ourselves to fill that gap.

Via us, you have access to specialist HR people as and when you need them.

At a price you can afford.


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Providias can provide any of the HR Services along the entire Hire-to-Retire scope.

And we do that in ways that don’t break the bank and fits your way of working best.

We will help you select the services you need in any of the following domains:

s you need in any of the following domains:

hire to retire services
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What sets us apart is our unique perspective – we’re not just resource providers; we’re a company led by resourcing experts.

Our team collaborates closely with international experts in project and program management, as well as seasoned consultants with over 20 years of hands-on experience in leading and working in dynamic environments. 

We’re here to bring expertise and a personal touch to your resourcing needs.

We work all time zones from London to Athens |

Our approach

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Why choose us?

HR and People services are our passion.

A passion that we would like to share with organisations that traditionally don’t have the size and/or the capabilities to have those services available to them.

Organisations like yours.

We want to take the hard work away from you and use our extensive experience to help shape the HR and People services that are right for you.

And we ensure that you stay firmly in charge of the entire process, you just rely on our experienced people to deal with the HR and People related areas that you yourself don’t have the time, the bandwidth or the experience to deal with.

You can choose as little or as much of our service offering that you require.

And our mutual commitments are clear from the very onset. 

We jointly make sure of that.

engagement process

graphics with an explanation of the engagement process, starting from selecting the required services, agreeing on your service scoop, ending on onboarding, embedding

Count on our personal touch to support all your short & long-term resourcing needs with care


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We work all time zones from London to Athens


Netherlands, Germany, Nordics, United Kingdom, Spain, Poland

We're all ears!

Reach out to us if you want to explore how Providias can support your HR and People needs, however big or small.

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We bring expertise and a personal touch to your resourcing needs.


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